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Date Title Suggested By
6/19/14 A Cheat kraziekhat
11/22/14 Phantom Writer car1blue
5/11/15 Those Were The Days Robert
5/11/15 MacArthur Park Robert
6/3/15 What A Diff'rence A Day Makes Robert
6/14/15 Boogie Nights Robert
7/26/15 Good Thing rob
8/1/15 Lady Love Robert
8/9/15 Back For Good Robert
9/1/15 I'm Happy That Love Has Found ... Robert
9/13/15 Another Lover Robert
9/16/15 Sky Pilot jimbo
10/9/15 War ddb4chess
10/10/15 Forget Him Renegade
10/31/15 Fingertips (Part 2) brule
11/14/15 Don't Disturb This Groove Jadachris
12/26/15 Why Howard John
1/5/16 Outbound Plane Menion1998
1/18/16 The One You Love Loucinda
2/7/16 The Right Kinda Lover Denden
2/13/16 Gimme Back My Bullets Denden
2/13/16 I'd Do Anything For Love (But ... Denden
2/13/16 Ask The Lonely rob
2/13/16 Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad Denden
2/18/16 Ruby Tuesday Denden
2/19/16 Bring Me Some Water Denden
2/21/16 Come To My Window Denden
2/21/16 Like The Way I Do Denden
2/27/16 You Should Hear How She Talks ... Denden
2/28/16 Be Good Johnny Denden
2/28/16 And The Grass Won't Pay No Min... jimbo
3/1/16 Stairway To Heaven jimbo
3/6/16 Furry Murray Denden
3/6/16 Furry Murray Denden
3/6/16 If My Heart Could Speak Denden
3/6/16 If My Heart Could Speak Denden
3/11/16 Who Can It Be Now? Denden
3/11/16 Down Under Denden
3/11/16 Overkill Denden
3/13/16 It's A Mistake Denden
3/13/16 The Safety Dance Denden
3/17/16 Bitch Denden
3/19/16 Fly Away Robert
3/19/16 Shooting Star schneiderjake
3/21/16 Voices Musicnut
3/27/16 Pittsburgh Stealers ladero
3/28/16 For Whom The Bell Tolls Denden
4/19/16 Calling Out To Carol djdenbo
5/14/16 Relax Musicnut
5/20/16 Vision Of Love Denden
5/21/16 She Drives Me Crazy Jamey
6/5/16 You Got What It Takes Denden
6/11/16 Unbelievable Jamey
6/18/16 Okie From Muskogee Denden
6/18/16 Do The Funky Penguin Denden
7/10/16 Beds Are Burning Denden
7/10/16 Blue Sky Mine Denden
7/12/16 Wildfire Denden
7/13/16 Bluer Than Blue Denden
7/18/16 Don't Call Us, We'll Call You Denden
8/22/16 Clumsy Denden
8/22/16 Starseed Denden
8/22/16 One Man Army Denden
8/22/16 Somewhere Out There Denden
8/23/16 The Sounds Of Silence Denden
8/25/16 Homeward Bound Denden
8/25/16 I Am A Rock Denden
8/25/16 A Hazy Shade Of Winter Denden
8/26/16 Fakin' It Denden
8/26/16 At The Zoo Denden
8/26/16 Scarborough Fair (Canticle) Denden
8/27/16 Mrs. Robinson Denden
8/27/16 The Boxer Denden
8/28/16 The Only Living Boy In New Yor... Denden
8/28/16 Cecilia Denden
8/28/16 El Condor Pasa Denden
8/28/16 For Emily, Wherever I May Find... Denden
8/28/16 America Denden
8/29/16 Mademoiselle Denden
8/29/16 Come Sail Away Denden
8/29/16 The Grand Illusion Denden
8/30/16 Fooling Yourself Denden
8/30/16 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Denden
8/31/16 Renegade Denden
9/4/16 Babe Denden
9/4/16 Why Me Denden
9/4/16 Borrowed Time Denden
9/4/16 The Best Of Times Denden
9/5/16 Rockin' The Paradise Denden
9/5/16 Rockin' The Paradise Denden
9/5/16 Mr. Roboto Denden
9/5/16 Don't Let It End Denden
9/5/16 High Time Denden
9/6/16 Plush Denden
9/6/16 Creep Denden
9/7/16 Big Empty Denden
9/7/16 Vasoline Denden
9/7/16 Unglued Denden
9/7/16 Big Bang Baby Denden
9/9/16 Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper ... Denden
9/9/16 Lady Picture Show Denden
9/9/16 Down Denden
9/9/16 Sour Girl Denden
9/9/16 Days Of The Week Denden
9/9/16 Bloody Well Right Denden
9/10/16 Give A Little Bit Denden
9/10/16 The Logical Song Denden
9/11/16 Goodbye Stranger Denden
9/11/16 Take The Long Way Home Denden
9/11/16 Breakfast In America Denden
9/11/16 Dreamer Denden
9/11/16 It's Raining Again Denden
9/13/16 Breakdown Denden
9/14/16 I Need To Know Denden
9/14/16 Listen To Her Heart Denden
9/14/16 Don't Do Me Like That Denden
11/14/16 Feels Good Misterioso
11/29/16 Can't Buy Me Love Denden
11/29/16 I Feel Fine Denden
11/30/16 Eight Days A Week Denden
12/1/16 Day Tripper Denden
12/2/16 Paperback Writer Denden
12/2/16 Michelle Denden
12/2/16 Girl Denden
12/2/16 Drive My Car Denden
12/2/16 Eleanor Rigby Denden
12/2/16 Penny Lane Denden
12/3/16 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Cl... Denden
12/4/16 Hello Goodbye Denden
12/5/16 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Denden
12/5/16 Revolution Denden
12/6/16 Get Back Denden
12/10/16 Across The Universe Denden
12/11/16 Blackbird Denden
12/11/16 Got To Get You Into My Life Denden
12/12/16 Hey Bulldog Denden
12/13/16 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Denden
12/19/16 Ain't She Sweet Denden
12/27/16 Matchbox Denden
12/27/16 I Should Have Known Better Denden
12/27/16 I'll Cry Instead Denden
12/27/16 Yes It Is Denden
1/7/17 Down In The Boondocks Denden
1/9/17 I Saw Linda Yesterday Heymikey
1/16/17 What If I Was Nothing Lilbitpink
1/19/17 Sweet Cherry Wine RebSholom
2/21/17 Hushabye jamesp59
2/26/17 Dizzy, Miss Lizzy Denden
2/26/17 Farther Up The Road Denden
2/26/17 What'd I Say Denden
2/26/17 Come Softly To Me Denden
2/26/17 Since I Don't Have You Denden
3/1/17 Mary Lou Denden
3/1/17 I Couldn't Say No Robert
3/3/17 Saturday Night Special schneiderjake
3/3/17 If You Remember Me Robert
3/4/17 Got To Give It Up Denden
3/4/17 I Heard It Through The Grapevi... Denden
3/4/17 Don't Leave Me This Way Denden
3/5/17 Upside Down Denden
3/5/17 Time Will Reveal Denden
3/6/17 Who's Johnny Denden
3/12/17 Get Ready Denden
3/12/17 Get Ready Denden
3/26/17 Super Freak Denden
4/17/17 Somebody's Watching Me Denden
4/17/17 Just To See Her Denden
4/19/17 I Will Survive schneiderjake
4/26/17 Chocolate Chip cyrano2u
4/26/17 Chocolate Chip cyrano2u
5/3/17 Please Mr. Postman Denden
5/3/17 Love Machine Denden
5/15/17 Right Time Of The Night Robert
5/29/17 Romantic Call Lilbitpink
6/8/17 Puttin' In Overtime At Home joshadams
6/14/17 Nashville joshadams
6/15/17 Falling Again joshadams
6/15/17 Don't Be Angry joshadams
6/16/17 My Girl Denden
6/20/17 Some Kind Of A Woman joshadams
6/30/17 Save Your Heart For Me joshadams
7/2/17 Test Of Time Musicnut
7/3/17 Even Flow Denden
7/4/17 Send Me The Pillow You Dream O... Renegade
7/4/17 You Can Never Stop Me Loving Y... Renegade
7/4/17 Last Kiss Denden
7/5/17 Killer Queen Denden
7/7/17 Rosanna's Going Wild joshadams
7/9/17 With Pen In Hand joshadams
7/12/17 You've Just Stepped In (From S... joshadams
7/12/17 Here I Am Again joshadams
7/13/17 Love Is In The Air joshadams
7/14/17 Paint It, Black Denden
7/17/17 Tonight She's Gonna Love Me (L... joshadams
7/18/17 Back On My Mind Again joshadams
7/19/17 Midnight Fire joshadams
7/19/17 Brilliant Conversationalist joshadams
7/21/17 I Was There joshadams
7/22/17 Oh Me, Oh My (I'm A Fool For Y... nards01
7/25/17 (Jeannie Marie) You Were A Lad... joshadams
7/27/17 Love's Gonna Happen To Me joshadams
7/27/17 Something Pretty joshadams
7/28/17 How Do You Talk To A Baby joshadams
7/29/17 Swing Denden
7/30/17 Story Of Love joshadams
7/31/17 Overnight Success joshadams
8/4/17 We Tell Ourselves joshadams
8/8/17 Gone As A Girl Can Get joshadams
8/8/17 Here For The Party joshadams
8/9/17 When You Lie Next To Me joshadams
8/14/17 Live Is Life Denden
8/15/17 Raise A Little Hell Denden
8/18/17 Real Love Misterioso
8/24/17 99 Luftballons Denden
8/24/17 Back On The Chain Gang Denden
8/25/17 It's My Life Denden
8/27/17 You Might Think Denden
8/27/17 One Thing Leads To Another Denden
8/28/17 Everything Zen Denden
9/3/17 Touch, Peel And Stand Denden
9/3/17 What's My Age Again? Denden
9/4/17 Gel Denden
9/22/17 Lady Marmalade UncleMel
10/17/17 (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) H... Will Howard
10/17/17 (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) H... Will Howard
11/10/17 If You're Ready ddb4chess
12/9/17 Long Dark Road ddb4chess
12/9/17 Wasting My Time Denden
12/10/17 Barefoot Blue Jean Night Denden
12/13/17 Sunday Will Never Be The Same nards01
12/24/17 Bartender Denden
12/27/17 Do You Feel Like We Do Denden
12/28/17 What's The Frequency, Kenneth? Denden
12/28/17 Drive Denden
12/29/17 Building A Mystery Denden
12/29/17 Banditos schneiderjake
12/30/17 In The Meantime Denden
12/30/17 Eye Of The Tiger Denden
12/30/17 Shake It Off Denden
1/1/18 Never Let You Go Denden
1/1/18 Southern Voice Denden
1/2/18 Volcano Girls Denden
1/3/18 Here Comes That Rainy Day Feel... Denden
1/3/18 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This... Denden
1/4/18 I'd Like To Teach The World To... Denden
1/4/18 Angry Johnny Denden
1/6/18 Life Is A Rock (But The Radio ... Denden
1/6/18 Walking In Rhythm Denden
1/7/18 Swallowed Denden
1/7/18 Precious Declaration Denden
1/13/18 More Today Than Yesterday Denden
1/13/18 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Denden
1/14/18 Brown Eyed Girl Denden
1/21/18 The Way Denden
1/26/18 Space Lord Denden
1/26/18 Spirit In The Sky Denden
1/26/18 Pure Morning Denden
1/26/18 Closing Time Denden
1/26/18 Ava Adore Denden
1/27/18 How's It Going To Be Denden
1/27/18 My Baby Loves Lovin' Denden
1/27/18 Tighter, Tighter Denden
1/28/18 In The Summertime Denden
2/10/18 Take A Picture Denden
2/10/18 It's Gonna Be Alright Denden
2/22/18 Dirty Looks brule
2/23/18 Addicted To Love Denden
2/24/18 All Star Denden
2/24/18 Black Hole Sun Denden
2/24/18 Stuck In The Middle With You Denden
2/28/18 Inside Out schneiderjake
3/4/18 I'm A Man Denden
3/4/18 Keep On Running Denden
3/4/18 Wild Thing Denden
3/6/18 The Boys Are Back In Town Denden
3/7/18 Hold The Line Denden
3/11/18 The Kill (Bury Me) Denden
3/23/18 Take Me Out Denden
3/30/18 Figured You Out Denden
4/20/18 Addicted Denden
5/2/18 Little Donna MJ Quirk
5/2/18 Little Donna MJ Quirk
6/10/18 Loves Me Like A Rock Denden
6/10/18 Rock'n Me Denden
6/12/18 Werewolves Of London Denden
7/12/18 Cuts Like A Knife schneiderjake
7/24/18 I Won't Back Down Denden
7/25/18 Free Fallin' Denden
7/25/18 Yer So Bad Denden
7/27/18 Better Man schneiderjake
7/29/18 Into The Great Wide Open Denden
7/29/18 Mary Jane's Last Dance Denden
7/30/18 You Got Lucky Denden
8/5/18 Even The Losers Denden
8/8/18 FM Denden
8/10/18 Hey Nineteen Denden
8/11/18 Do It Again Denden
8/14/18 Rikki Don't Lose That Number Denden
8/30/18 Bohemian Rhapsody Denden
10/26/18 Games People Play ddb4chess
10/26/18 Heat Of The Moment Denden
1/4/19 Do Ya johnluck
1/19/19 Devil Woman Denden
2/23/19 Brothers In Arms Denden
2/23/19 Sultans Of Swing Denden
3/16/19 Tell It Like It Is schneiderjake
5/1/19 Night Shift Robert
6/12/19 You Can Do Magic Robert
6/19/19 What Have I Done To Deserve Th... Robert
10/9/19 Who'll Stop The Rain Golfer73
10/23/19 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet ddb4chess
11/2/19 Do What You Do Denden
12/27/19 Come On In (You Did The Best Y... billyfutile
1/4/20 I Miss You Denden
2/14/20 But You Know I Love You ddb4chess
3/30/20 I'm Gonna Miss You Denden
3/31/20 Jenny Take A Ride Denden
4/4/20 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Denden
4/9/20 When A Man Loves A Woman Denden
4/14/20 Come And Get Your Love Denden
5/1/20 Surfin' U.S.A. Denden
5/13/20 You Got It All Denden
5/24/20 The Rubberband Man Denden
5/25/20 My World Is Empty Without You Denden
5/31/20 She's Not There Denden
6/7/20 Something In The Air Denden
6/12/20 Backfield In Motion ddb4chess
6/13/20 Living On Video Denden
6/17/20 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (W... Denden
6/28/20 Bullet With Butterfly Wings Denden
7/8/20 Heaven Knows Denden
7/12/20 Don't Wanna Fall In Love Denden
8/26/20 Dance To The Music Golfer73
9/12/20 Give Me The Night stingr22
10/11/20 Starting All Over Again ddb4chess
2/19/21 Yo' Little Brother jbug1262
Total: 336


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