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by Master P feat D.I.G.
Lyrics by: Master P
# Debut Chart
88 Nov '99 Hot 100


[D.I.G.] Whassup man? I think you need to back up off me brah Cause right now, I`m not feelin too good And I have a attitude problem You might push that button to strike that nerve So you need to just go `head on and back up

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[Master P] WHICH ONE OF YOU WENCHES SCRATCHED MY 600??! Y`all don`t wanna step to dis, hah, whut? (repeat 4X) [Master P] I used to check domes, now it`s platinum over chrome Surveillance in my home, but they still tappin my phone See I`m the thug of the century Cause I done laid it down from the streets to overseas to penitentiary We got beef, diss 3rd Ward and get the soldiers I represent the 3rd Ward Callio` I thought I told ya See the eyes of the tiger in my blood Ask TLC, am I a motherfuckin scrub? We attack from the back whether it`s a Jag or some cat I`m all about my scratch -- you get that? (hahah) See nuttin don`t last forever but Only God Can Judge Me, cause I`m down to do whatever Y`all don`t wanna step to dis, hah, whut? (repeat 4X) [Master P] Soldiers make some noise (HOODY HOO) whassup, where you at? All my thugs in the front and all my thugs in the back See I`m a soldier for life and that`s real I keep it trill Body full of tattoos and a motherfuckin gold grill I like my Henn and my trees cause I`m a baller Can I really hoop? Fool, ask Vince Carter Six million on top, now y`all suckers pop When I close down shop, don`t make me get the glock From the South to the East, give it up And from the West to the North we bout to tear the fuckin club up (UNNNNNNNNGGGH) Lotta players wanna serve me Cause I`m the ghetto Bill Gates but I`m legit, ya heard me?? Y`all don`t wanna step to dis, hah, whut? (repeat 4X) [D.I.G.] Here come dem boys out the bricks, a-lil-daddy whassup You say you bout trigger play, now show me that you a thug I ain`t wit that mouthin off, I`m out spillin your blood Mess around if you wanna box, gon` stay in the mud No Limit soldiers known for bustin it up Better tell him it`s real, we be tossin it up So if you step to these soldiers I think you better show some love Cause we 99 strong, and we nuttin but thugs and pistols bein cocked at all times and when you run up you gon` fall down Cause I`ma hit you with the heat and make you calm down You ain`t ready to go to war with a real soldier So don`t step to me fool, cause the game is over Y`all don`t wanna step to dis, hah, whut? (repeat 8X)


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