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# Debut Chart
19 May '99 Country
86 Aug '99 Hot 100


You know nothing's getting done When talk is all you hear Like someone revving up a truck Never put in gear

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But you don't see a cowboy Run his mouth and strut around He just takes the bull by the horns And throws him to the ground Taking care of business Not just putting on a show When it gets down to it Everybody knows [CHORUS] It ain't the smoke, it's the fire That gets the burning done If it wasn't for the bullet Nobody'd fear the gun It ain't the bark It ain't the growl It's the bite that hurts Thunder's just a noise, boys Lightning does the work You can talk about the farm Or you can plow the ground Argue with a rusty nail Or hammer it on down You can stand there in the dark Cussing at the night Or you can just reach out your hand And turn on the light There ain't no limit in this life To how far you can get But if you're going all the way You gotta break a sweat [repeat CHORUS] I've heard thunder Talking up a storm Rattling my windows And knocking on my door Well, I've seen lightning Blow a cypress tree in half The thunder's busy talking And lightning's kicking [repeat CHORUS] Thunder's just a noise, boys Lightning does the work Ah, yeah Gonna getcha Getcha good


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