Music Service


by Cam'ron
Lyrics by: Darrell Branch
# Debut Chart
22 Jun '99 R&B
99 Jun '99 Hot 100


All my Harlem niggas My BK niggas Back uptown, baby, uh Lennox Ave Yo, yo, yo We 'bout to spit hospitable Physical but shit is getting critical The way cats biting is dispicable Pitiful, unoriginal This shit is miserable I'm a businessman I ain't trying to be lyrical Damn, it's a miracle Thought y'all was veterans Wish your flow was ill, huh Mine was your medicine Now you're in the game Lame sound the best you've ever been Play right I'll catch you Late night nigga like Letterman Get thirty thou now your actions begun Acting and fun, nigga After taxes you're done Cars impounded, New York Must stop biting and start writing And start malice When the fuck we start bouncing We stash ounces Make a nigga start clowning We spark round Nigga, that's your heart pounding [CHORUS] Yo, you fly, let me know Yo, you high, let me know You wanna cry, let me know You wanna die, let me know You want raw, let me know You sound raw, let me know You want a war, let me know You on tour, let me know You sell crack, let me know You bust your Gat, let me know You sell weed, let me know Well, where the trees, let me know You a fed, let me know She give head, let me know It's aight, let me know You wanna fight, let me know Yo, I get dough any way I can flow any way Yo you rap about money, man Who are you anyway? Come on All my jewels ice and gray And, nigga, might I say I'm Mister Rogers status Change twice a day Any beef you let me know I'll be there right away And when I'm rhyming I've always got the right of way I got some cats that'll Come down here right away To take your ass right away Believe me You could die today We explode and bullets, we reload And killers speak in code So please let me know You get fly, let me know He get high, let me know Take his jewels and his roll Eat his food to let him know

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You can't come to the hood We got glocks to squeeze With rocks and G's And that shit look hot on me So gimme that, little man I'm 'bout to pocket it right I make this look good You wasn't rocking it right [repeat CHORUS] Hey, yo, you the type of cat Wanna marry your lover To the end of earth for her Huh, like Mario brother Better carry your rubber Now you done this street Me, I gun the Vee Somethin to see And, man, ain't nothing to me Not my man, not my style Not my fam, not my pal Not my clique, not my type Hell, no, we not alike You get knocked, you sit in a cell Get raped, bitch, and you yell Turn homo, kiss and you tell Bitch nigga Walk with a switch nigga Why you switch, nigga Talk high pitched, nigga You know how we get niggas Bla, bla, bla, bla That's how we get niggas Big triggers, me and six figures 'Bout to be some real, real, real Real, real, real, real rich niggas Big niggas, talk slick nigga Got shit to spit nigga [repeat CHORUS x2]


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