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# Debut Chart
6 Apr '99 Country
46 May '99 Hot 100


You Could`ve Heard A Pin Drop When They Walked Through The Door Had To Turn My Eyes Away My Heart Fell To The Floor Someone Whispered, `Where`s Her Halo?` Cause She Had An Angel`s Face He Stood There Smiling, Holding On To The One Who Took My Place So... [Chorus:] Tonight The Heartache`s On Me, On Me Let`s Drink A Toast To The Fool Who Couldn`t See Bartender Pour The Wine, `Cause The Hurtin`s All Mine Tonight The Heartache`s On Me

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I Wonder If He Told Her She`s The Best He`s Ever Known The Way He Told Me Ev`ry Night When We Were All Alone She`ll Find Out When The New Wears Off He`ll Find Somebody New She`ll Learn What Heartache`s All About And What I`m Going Through But... [Repeat Chorus] But... [Repeat Chorus] Yes Tonight, The Heartache`s On Me


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