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29 Jan '99 R&B
98 Feb '99 Hot 100


[Method Man] You and I, `til the day we die.. (day we die..) Yo, yo Ex-girlfriend, how you been? I see you still tryin to fuck with other women men, remember when I first met you in my cousin`s house, a week later we was fuckin on your momma couch, now it`s been said that big girls they don`t cry, but they damn sure lie Look you in the eye, sayin you they only You and I, til the day we die, said you`d never leave me lonely, fly tenderoni but you phony Shoulda listened when my momma told me, soon as I turn my back you try to fuck my homies, that was then this is now I got a new friend, ever since I cut them loose ends you wanna bone me Add strife to my life, pussy that`ll make me think twice about leavin the wife even, picture that You ain`t want me when you had me, now you on your third baby daddy, and you hate to see a nigga happy So you tryin mad ways to trap me, lookin at my girl nasty Tryin to throw the pussy at me

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`Now look at this bitch over here tryin to act like me` `Uh-huh, fuck that bitch, she ?? leftover` [D`Angelo] I`m still in love with babe [8X] [Method Man] Yo yo It`s always you and your crusty ass crew, be actin new Let me find out that you fuckin with Boo, and y`all gon` feel it Waitin for the day that you front, and catch a lump from my black butterfly, that don`t pack a lullaby Sleep on her, she said you bitches tried to creep on her in the mall and didn`t know she had the reach on her Pearl-handled twenty-two, my Boo She go ahead and walk her dogs, and represent Wu to the fullest, you and hon can shoot the fair one I`ll bring the bullets, knowhatI`msayin? Stop playin You and them dyke lookin bitches Actin like y`all jumpin somethin, go `head with that bullshit [D`Angelo] I`m still in love with babe [8X] [Method Man] Got tired of the games, the lies, the feeble alibis Now you fuckin with the next guy, a Thug Nigga Derelict be actin bugged nigga, show this nigga mad love but get no love nigga?? Stupid ass Plus I heard that he be beatin on you, I seen him at the club cheatin on you, witcha best friend, got you stressin And used up, pull your shoes up, all you need`s affection but you`re headed in the wrong direction Tryin to make this nigga jealous, with other fellas All up in my face actin overzealous Like you want somethin from Meth, I hope it ain`t love girl Cause I ain`t got none left for you, plus you miserable Misery Love Company, shit I`m livin comfortably, don`t need no nigga huntin me down for fuckin round, with his kitty Talk to him, before my brother put a spark through him Won`t be pretty, the situation got my whole attitude shitty And got you actin high saditty with your slut committee You know I know; so go find another sucker yo, I been there and been done that befo`, and don`t need it no mo` That`s, my, word! So go to your own with that there, word up and tell that bighead nigga you run with that you was insane [D`Angelo] I`m still in love with babe [8X]


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