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1999 - Pop
Lyrics by: Vitamin C, Josh Deutsch
# Debut Chart
18 Jul '99 Hot 100


Alright, yeah, alright First of all When you wake up in the evening, and the day is shot Find yourself complaining 'bout the things you ain't got Never goes just the way that you want it to Couchez, arretez, cest la vie, that is life [VERSE 1] Life, it ain't easy It's so tough, it ain't easy [VERSE 2] Put a smile on your face Make the world a better place Put a smile on your face

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[repeat VERSE 2] And another thing You can see that I'm a dreamer and you think it's uncool Reaching for the better like I learned in school But you get what you give in this life that we live And all that you do will come back to you [repeat VERSE 1] [repeat VERSE 2 x2] Yo, when things is alright there's no need to wait From you have life, then everything's nice Love all your elders, please be polite Even when you're hurting, don't forget to smile Give love to a nation, big or small When you do good you'll get your reward United we stand, divided we fall Put a smile on your face and greet one and all [repeat VERSE 1] [repeat VERSE 2 x2] People love you when you smile And hate you when you screw Lots of happiness Rasta know we are wishing you You could've come from Jamaica or Honolulu Hey, keep a smile on your face And see the good that you do...


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