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Lyrics by: R. Kelly
# Debut Chart
5 Aug '99 R&B
12 Aug '99 Hot 100
24 Sep '99 Adult Contemp


How did I ever let you slip away Never knowing Id be singing this song some day And now Im sinking, sinking to rise no more Ever since you closed the door 1 - If I could turn, turn back the hands of time Then my darlin youd still be mine If I could turn, turn back the hands of time Then darlin you, youd still be mine Funny, funny how time goes by And blessings are missed in the wink of an eye Why oh why oh why should one have to go on suffering When every day I pray please come back to me Repeat 1 And you had enough love for the both of us But I, I, I did you wrong, I admit I did But now Im facing the rest of my life alone, whoa

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Repeat 1 Id never hurt you Never do you wrong And never leave your side If I could turn back the hands Thered be nothing I wouldnt do for you Forever honest and true to you If you accept me back in your heart, I love yuou That would be my will Darlin Im begging you to take me by the hands Im going down, yes I am Down on my bended knee, yeah And Im gonna be right there until you return to me If I could turn back If I could just turn back that little clock on the wall If I could turn back Then Id come to realize howmuch I love you Love you love you love you


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