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# Debut Chart
2 Nov '98 Country
37 Dec '98 Hot 100


Hot sun, dancin on the river Wed sit on the bank Watch the world go by Our feet in the water Shed press her lips to mine We were so long on love Short on time She could be A honeymoon suite and a little wild But she was mine Oh, for a little while and...

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CHORUS: I laugh Every time I start to think about us We sent That summer out in style, and Shes gone But she left me with a smile But she was mine for a while We took a ride And head on down to airport road Put the seats back Watch the planes leave town She always said Nobodys strong enought to tie her down Oh, but I wasnt lookin for that Anyhow I knoew shed leave But I didnt know when It matters to me now Oh, but it didnt back then and... I keep seein pictures now Of me and her in those summer nights My mind fills with her Oh, but its alright cuz...


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