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by Cam'ron feat Mase
Lyrics by: Cam'ron
# Debut Chart
41 Jul '98 Hot 100
9 Sep '98 R&B


Aiyyo, you might see Cam In designer underwear New reclining leather chair Reminders everywhere How we pull up in whips The minors stop and stare And when it comes to girls They behind us everywhere

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I mean, when I hang up on 'em They pressing redial I mean what the fuck is it Why you stressing me, child It'd be one thing if you Were finessing my style But when I go to court You know the dress of the trial You not my wife So if I ask for sex, I be foul You better be down The only question better be how Threaten me now Let me style No girl getting me now In the SC, we're gone Are you sexy in thongs If you'll sex in this Lex And your stuff be the bomb I'll get you that stuff That Gretzky skate on (What you mean, Gretzky be on) Ice hockey (Oh, you're gonna buy me diamonds) Man, shut up [CHORUS] Mamacita Horse and carriage is for hire Mamacita, please, senorita We're gonna rise to the top Horse and carriage See my love's for hire Yo, I love when cats think They bigger than a sumo That when I hit 'em with A little Puerto Rican judo Oh, you don't know what that is That's when I say You don't know who gat this is (And you don't know) Your guns is hand-me-down (And you don't know) We'll put you where you can't be found (And you don't know) You better toughen up ('Cause you don't know) Homeboy will rough you up (And you don't know) Baby, we don't need you And when it comes to Jimmy My name's me too 'Cause when he got cash I was like me too And when he got smash I was like me too And when he got the drop I was like me too And when he almost got shot I said me too What you get now Is just a preview We all turn it out Your car's see through I see you [repeat CHORUS] Hey, yo, I pull to the hotel With my whip on blast Tell the valet Homeboy, don't hit my Jag Seen the bell boy Yo, he won't get my cash Just show me my room, yo And get my bags So the girl, that's my hon Almost dropped his glass I guess he was shocked When I touched her sash It really wasn't nothing She was beady, all right Does that say Harlem World Yeah, you reading it right And we having a party later tonight Like Phil Collins have in The heat of the night 'Cause Cam rocks the party (All night long) Till when (till the early morn) It don't stop (and uh) it don't quit (And uh) a drop six (and uh) we pop Cris Right now I'm too tipsy to drive But I got my horse and carriage Right outside [repeat CHORUS] Horse and carriage is for hire Mamacita, please senorita We're gonna rise to the top Michael Forster, Puffy Combs Jimmy Jones, Mason Betha And Bloodshed forever And we're gonna rise And we're gonna rise And we're gonna rise to the top


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