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# Debut Chart
7 Oct '97 Country
77 Jan '98 Hot 100


Do oh oh Yeah, yeah She’s got you wrapped up in her satin and lace Tied around her little finger She’s got you thinking you can never escape Don’t you know your hearts in danger There’s a devil in that angel face If you could only see the love that you’re wastin’

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I can love you better than that I know how to make you forget her Ill im askin is for one little chance Cos baby I can love you , I can love you better I’m gonna break this spell she’s got on you Your gonna wake up to find You’re my desire my intentions are true Hey babe I know it’s time Your gonna see what you mean to me So open up your eyes cos see’n is believin’ (Repeat Chorus) Ohh ohh Yeah Yeah Ohh ohh (Repeat Chorus x2) Oh Oh Yeah Yeah Oh, oh, yeah (Repeat Chorus)


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