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1998 - Rap
# Debut Chart
18 Jan '98 Hot 100
12 Jan '98 R&B


I swear to tell the truth and nothin' but the truth So help me God I just felt like telling the story of my life Felt like maybe somebody could be inspired We all feel pain we all go through things But it's time to overcome all that If your plane crashed in the water and everybody died Would you drown on purpose or try to survive I was born handicapped my arm wouldn't move They called me a cripple pops caught an attitude Beat my moms, smoked la, drove trucks My moms had a miscarriage he didn't give a fuck He sniffed some coke come home Beat up on my moms 'cause she's talkin' on the phone Come on

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[CHORUS] All I ever wanted All I ever needed Was a father That's all All I ever wanted All I ever needed Was a father Moms got tired of the beatings said yo we got to go Packed up her bags we bounced out the do She said I ain't takin' these whippins no mo I wanna live to see my little Todd grow I remember tear drops on my pops face Lookin' down at me standing on the staircase Handsome brova with a smooth goatee Makes me wonder why he act so ugly You feeling me [repeat CHORUS] My pops got drunk when me and my moms bounced Swigged some Jack Dans and sniffed up an ounce Grabbed the shotty left Long Isle for Queens Possesed by a demon a devil it seemed I was too young to understand the risk When your moms come home off the midnight shift She turned around heard the shotgun click My pops said you think that you could leave me He blasted my moms in the back She fell down screamin' I can't forget that My grandfather tried to close the do He got shot ten times in the stomach yo For real [repeat CHORUS] My head was spinning I had never seen blood Four years old this don't feel like love Any way pops disappeared Grandpops and moms healed up over the years This therapist got up in her head Led her to believe without him she'd be dead You know they fell in love with one another Everything seemed right that's word to mother Until I started gettin' beatings everyday Sometimes for going outside to play Late at night on my knees I pray Young child wishing the pain would go away Dad where was you when he made me strip Beat with belts like a slave with a whip Kicked me down steps outside in the snow Punched me in the chest stomped me out on the flo That's just the tip of the iceberg look It's too long for a song but perfect for a book Word is bond That's real baby [repeat CHORUS]


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