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# Debut Chart
2 Oct '98 Hot 100
1 Oct '98 R&B


1 - How did you get here Nobody`s supposed to be here I`ve tried that love thing for the last time My heart said no, no Nobody`s supposed to be here But you came along and changed my mind

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I`ve spent all my life On a search to find The love who`ll stay for eternity That heaven sent to fulfill my needs But when I turn around Again love has knocked me down My heart got broke and oh it hurts so bad I`m sad to say love wins again 2 - So I placed my heart under lock and key To take some time and take care of me But I turn around and you`re standing here Repeat 1 This time I swear I`m through But if only you knew How many times I`ve said those words Then fall again, when will I ever learn Knowing these tears I cry This lovely black butterfly Must take a chance And spread my wings Love can make ya do some crazy things Repeat 2 How did you How did you get here Nobody`s suppose to be here Nobody, no, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, no Noooo Repeat 1


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