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4 Nov '97 Mainstream Rock


Whoa, the girl I love She got long black wavy hair I do declare The girl I love, yeah She got long black wavy hair, ah yeah Her mother and her father, lordy Sure don`t, sure don`t like me there

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Well, ah, I`m going back to my baby, lord I I said I wouldn`t lie, yeah I never saw that sweet woman yeah-a Five long years gone by, yeah Well I`m going ho-whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I I`m going home Well she`s a sweet little darling, I I said I been away ah far too long I`ve been away too long Take it Jimmy (Guitar Solo) Well she`s my baby, ba- She shakes just like a willow tree Yes she does My baby when she walks, you know She shakes like a willow tree, yeah Ah, that mean mistreater, baby, she knows ya Haaa humps all over me, ooh Yeah Ohh ah


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