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# Debut Chart
57 Nov '97 Hot 100
19 Nov '97 R&B


You're my darling, darling baby You're my darling, darling love You're my darling, darling baby I said you're everything I ever hoped for in a woman And as long, as I may live..... Yo, I ain't a player I just fuck a lot Jump on top of my dick And work them hips Until I bust a shot It doesn't stop I'm only beginning I'm boning your women While you home all alone I'm doing up in 'em Sending 'em back to you, mad at you Don't catch a motherfucking attitude I'm just showing you How this rapper do Capital punishment When I'm up in there Sucking it, busting it out Nice blouse Let me unbutton it You're fucking with King Papi Chulo When knocking culo Pop your mulos out the socket Trying to ride with the sumo You know my rhymes is high Word I be thrilling 'em Bitches be trying to ride But the curb be killing 'em Filling 'em with the gas My cheese premium unleaded Come get it First work the tongue Then let the Pun hit it Split it in half Watch the gas, baby, take a bath Be good, I might put away the wood And give you the mustache

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[CHORUS] (You're my darling, darling baby) I ain't a player, I just fuck a lot (You're my darling, darling love) I'm not a player, I just fuck a lot (You're my darling, darling baby) I ain't a player, I just fuck a lot (You're my darling, darling love) I'm not a player, I just fuck a lot I bang a stranger in my torture chamber Feed the locas tocha pinga While I force my finger Where my bollas linger I bring the pain like Method When I flex and flip the coochie Puerto Rican to the core But no Boriquas eat the pussy Excuse me for being blunt But I been eating cunt since Pimps is pushing Pink Caddies With the fish tank pumps Bumping and grinding Simultaneously winding Climbing up the walls With my balls banging off your hymen I'm a diamond in the rough Busting in your face Taste the sweetness of my dick Rip your fetus out of place, yo Bitches already know the repertoire Step in my car Let's start the menage-a-tois Like Escobar By far, I'm the best At all sex positions Forget the kissing I'm skipping the tongue twisting See, that's tradition [repeat CHORUS] Some chick in back of me Bought me a daiquiri Told me meet her in back of Zachary's 'Cause she heard I was packing meat I bagged the freak And hit the tele Got the Phillies, lifted her belly And put it in her mouth like Akinyele Far from ugly But they used to say I'm too chubby But since the money The honeys got nothing but love for me So rub my tummy and make a wish I'll make you rich Take your kids to the flicks Come back and fix your favorite dish Crazy bitch, I ain't with that I'm-a hit that Split back to the shack Where my other chicks at Now can you dig that I'm the Mack, doing my thing Pulling your strings Making you feel Like you in a dream It's the king of the hip-hop quotables Giving you multiples Just by the tone of my voice And the vocables I notice you doing Your thing with your crew Is it alright if I come down there And sing to you [repeat CHORUS]


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