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# Debut Chart
39 Apr '97 R&B
89 Apr '97 Hot 100


Wait a minute, come talk to me Girl I`ve got something to say I keep on trying to figure out Why do you do me this way Though I keep trying over again Girl I`m still confused There`s only one thing I need to know Tell me what y ou`re gonna do Don`t keep wasting my time Don`t keep leading me on If the feeling ain`t there Then just leave me alone I keep telling you I wish you`d make up your mind And stop wasting my time Well, well, well, well First you tell me you`re still having fun And you don`t wanna change Then ya say that you`re hooked on me Our love will always be the same I`m telling you now to make up your mind There`s something that you should know If you think you can play me girl Then baby it`s time to go Repeat Now I`m always trying to do Everything that I can Just to prove to you That I can be a good man If you think that I`m gonna Sit around here waiting on you Better stop and think abou tit There`s other things that I can do

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