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Lyrics by: Babyface
# Debut Chart
12 Jan '97 R&B
55 Jan '97 Hot 100


Thank You, Baby For The Years You`ve Given Me For Each Beat Of My Heart For Every Breath I Breathe Thank You, Sweetie For The Best Times Of My Life Through The Good, Through The Bad You Were Always By My Side I Never Thought I Meet Someone Who Loves Unselfishly But I Appreciate The Way You Loved And Sacrificed For Me Chorus I Can`t Hold Back These Tears Let Me Cry (Although A Man`s Not Suppose To Cry) If I Hold Back My Tears I`ll Just Die (You`ve Given So Much To My Life) Thank You, Lady For The Joy You Bring To Life When I Thought All Was Lost And Gone You Brought Hope Back In Sight Thank You, Honey For Being My Best Friend When I Thought No One Understood You Would Always Understand I Used To Think That I Knew Love And What True Love Should Mean Now I Know That I Did Not Know Much `Cause You Taught Me Everything

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Chorus God So Loved The World That He Blessed Us All With You And Then He Gave Me A Heart Now I`m Giving It To You And These Tears I Cry Are Tears Of Joy My Happiness, I Do Rejoice In The Love You Give Unselfishly Your Constant Sacrifice For Me Chorus


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