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by U2
Lyrics by: Bono, The Edge
# Debut Chart
6 Jan '97 Mainstream Rock
1 Jan '97 Modern Rock
10 Feb '97 Hot 100


You can reach, but you can`t grab it You can hold it, control it But no, you can`t bag it Oh, you can push, but you can`t direct it Circulate, regulate, oh no, you cannot connect it 1-You know you`re chewing bubblegum You know what that is But you still want some You just can`t get enough Of that lovey-dovey stuff

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You get confused, but you know it Yeah, you hurt for her, work for her love You don`t always show it Wake up, let`s go out, discotheque Let`s go discotheque 2-Working for her love But you know you`re somewhere else instead I wanna be the song, so cheer me darling Love... Discotheque, cause you can`t play it It`s the way you dont pay, that`s OK But you can`t earn it repeat 1 Wake up, lets go out, discotheque Wake up, cry, discotheque Ooohh... rpt 2 Love, your love won`t be enough I don`t need your love Soon you will be done But you take what you can get Cause it`s all that you can find But you know there`s something more Tonight, tonight, tonight, ah, ah, ah.. Discotheque I can`t get in, I paid, but not enough Discotheque... Boom cha...Boom cha...Discotheque...


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