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# Debut Chart
18 Nov '96 Hot 100


1-No time for fake ones Just sip some crystal with these real ones From east to west coast spread love son And while you keep talking sh.. we count bank funds Aaaaaah... I momma, Miss Navana Usually rock the prada, sometimes cabbana Stick you for your cream and your riches Jaja Kabal, Demi Moore, Chris Diana, all them rich misses Puff Daddy bump the Hummer for the summer I follow in the e-class with the goggles 96 Models, Bad Click on the stroll

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Tell 'em how we roll Cruise control, nothing make a woman feel better Then barrettas and ammerettes But in mad chedders and leathers Chillin' in a Benz with my amigos Tryin' to stick a brother for a peso If you say so, then I'm the same chick you wanna get with And lick me where it's hot, gotta hit the spot If not then don't test a poom-nanny-nanny punany donny Heeeey How you like it baby? Uhh, from the front Uhh. From the back, give that ass a smack Bet your man won't do it like that Can't work the middle plus his thing too little Work down your ta-tas do the cha-cha Make you scream Papa You da best, Da Da, now watch mama Go up and down with the jaws crazy, unh Oh, say my name baby, and you know, ain't no one Like the queen bee, have you speaking in French Ooh-la, oui, oui, cest la vie Then I cracks for the Mercedes, I act shady And feel my.360 gator boots for ladies, ooh, oui, I see Act shadey, and feel my creaty, autoraven Ooh, wee I see, your girl ain't a freak like me or Adina Huh. Can't fade a rhinoceros in rap Lil Kim a rookie, how preposterous is that? Right back at, the one Cleopatra, diggin' in your stash Players think they gonna get some ass No money-money, no licky licky Forget the sticky sticky and your quickie Give me your loot, you Mack-11 then shoot Your game ain't sweet, Jean Paul Pete shouldn't compete If you can't wet it, forget it, don't sweat it I bet it make it come smooth if you let it Huh. You can't stop a chick from ballin' Ha-ha to la-la to drop-bys they be calling And you ain't know while you be kickin' that old sh.. We making hits platinum and gold sh.. We stay draped in diamonds and pearls Beside every man there's a bad girl, that's right


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