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6 Nov '96 Country


I've seen it going around When you get bad news Thinking that you found A darker shade of blues Looking for the light And it's a long way back You know without a fight You're gonna fade to black Never was a man That ever felt this way One who couldn't stand To live another day Hard times seem to Have the corner on you But you can rise From the ashes too [CHORUS] When I'm on my knees And everything has gotten me beat And even I believe I'm never gonna find my feet Two ways you can go You can ask anybody around One man's half way up Is another man's half way down Now you may decide It's a losing game Even in your stride You're gonna call it lame Getting one leg up When it's said and done Is the hardest part No matter how you run If you can walk away From a crash and burn You'll appreciate Every step you earn

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And if you feel the ground Is gaining on you You're already bound To take a different view [repeat CHORUS] One man's ceiling Is another man's floor One man's wall Could be another man's door One man's smile Is another man's frown And there are miles of Half way up or half way down


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