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# Debut Chart
17 Jul '96 Modern Rock
19 Jul '96 Mainstream Rock


I lied and told her I loved her She didn't care, but anyway I told her we'd still be friends And she didn't care, but anyway I tried last week for to call her She wasn't home, but anyway I think I'll spend my life alone I really don't care right now [CHORUS] It's a state of affairs And a state of emotions The kind of thing That you must understand I tell you one thing You tell me another We walk away Maybe then shake hands I'm quitting cigarette smoking It's bad for me, but anyway I don't think the TV was joking When it told me this, but anyway

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The newsman said not to Sit on strange toilet seats It's my life he's trying To save, but anyway I found out that I've got eye cancer Too many television waves, but anyway [repeat CHORUS] Some day, an answer will find us Quite a long shot, but anyway I think the past, the past is behind us Be real confusing if not, but anyway I put all my hope in tomorrow It's gonna be great I can tell but anyway I see a new, a new day's dawning I like to sleep late Oh, well, but anyway [repeat CHORUS]


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