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by Xscape withMC Lyte
# Debut Chart
16 Apr '96 R&B
56 Apr '96 Hot 100


[Intro by JD:] Let`s get down Let`s get down [Verse One (Kandi):] You claim you`ve been waiting, With no game, just anticipating, How it would be if you and I were in the sack But to me you look like you wouldn`t know how to act [Bridge (LaTocha):] I need someone to hold me, All night long. It must be you my darling, Am I wrong. It ain`t a damn thing baby, Show me what you can bring, Cause some try to swang but they still can`t hang.

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[Chorus:] You and me let`s get down, Even though you claim that you`ve been around, I betcha can`t hang, I betcha can`t hang. [Repeat x2] [Verse Two (Kandi):] You claim you can do this, this and that, Ain`t no shame in my game, If it`s wack I gotta tell you that. So you betta be up on your down stroke, You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat, Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip baby. [Repeat Break and Chorus] [Rap by MC Lyte:] You talk a lot of this and you talk a lot of that, Is it all fact brotha man are you phat? Cause if it`s on the real I come with mad sex appeal, Flip light delicious, you know the deal. Hey that`s me, I be the slick, The one with the physique, I freak you in the sheets. I take a nigga deep down under, I make him wonder, How to make the lighting come before the thunder. That`s the pleasure I bring, I make a nigga get up and sing, Tinga linga ling ling. I got the pow, da boogie and the bang bang You can`t hang don`t talk da game [Repeat Chorus]


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