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Lyrics by: Tony Rich
# Debut Chart
88 Dec '96 Hot 100


You say ya like to travel But you don`t even have a ride Say you like walkin` around But your shoes won`t fit I like certain people But with wise words to give I`m walkin` down onto the pier And talk to the voice I hear Chorus Said I be leavin` I`m lookin` for my wings in the sky My journey`s long over And my body`s tired So when I`m leavin I`ll make sure I tell you good-bye I know somebody really loves me But I gotta be leavin`

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You say you like nothin` But somethin`s always on your mind You say ya don`t think much But you`re always tellin` lies I can read you I think your`re about money and greed I`ll pack my bags and be on my way I can`t stay... Chorus x3


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