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by Babyface feat LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley & Jeffrey Daniels
# Debut Chart
6 Oct '96 Hot 100
2 Oct '96 R&B


Uh, check it, uh, uh Word is bond, yeah I will love you anyway, baby Any way and every way I can Cause I'm that kinda man, yes I will give you everything, baby Give you more than Sny girl can stand I'm gonna love you baby Baby, baby, baby I'll talk about making love In the shower least a hour And let you dangle in my arms Cause love is power Can you feel it The sky's the limit Once you reveal it Your heart was wounded God sent me to heal it I'm on a mission Ain't no stress, love Touch it with precision Just undress, love I know the right position Come on, trust me, girl Throw this rock up on your hand I'll give you the world Hey, yo, Face (woo) Up on the real Was the honey looking laced [CHORUS] Ooh, baby, baby This is for the lover in you This ring means I'll always be true This is how we'll start love anew This time's gonna last forever I will love you All the way. baby Girl, that means this Love will never end I'll be your lover And your friend I'll take you anywhere, baby Just say when and, girl I'll take you there I,m gonna take you Baby, baby, baby We're going from Tahiti to France to Italy in one night Drop top Bentley Coupe Parked in the spotlight And you can drive it Laced in all white I'm wearing triple black Our gear is top flight Trips to Venice The man of steel When I'm in this A match made in heaven When we blend this Lovers everlasting In other words, endless To love any other man Would be senseless

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Hey, yo, Face Up on the real Was the honey looking laced [repeat CHORUS] Ladies and gentlemen Howard Hewett I can say I never Met a girl, no, no Who satisfied my mental And my physical thing (I like this part) When I lay me down to sleep I rest assured with the thought That you are right Right next to me [repeat CHORUS] It's for the Lover in you, baby With this ring I'll show you There ain't no maybe It's for the lover in you, baby Oh, this time it's gonna last Forever, and ever, baby It's for the lover in you Baby, baby, baby Ooh, ooh.........


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