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by Total
# Debut Chart
22 Dec '95 Hot 100


There you are, looking at me Tell me what you want this to be It could be everything, that your heart desires All you gotta do is stick around for a while 1-There's so many things, that I wanna do Take you all around, it's all up to you If you take my hand, and just follow me There's no telling what we can be Just you and me, yeah

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2-I don't need no one else but you Tell me what you want me to do I don't need no one else but you You've gotta believe me, cuz what I say is true Could you be all that I need, show me what I need to see If it's alright with you, tell me now, baby We could take this all the way just tell me how You wanna just take your time I'll understand just tell me why If it's alright with you, I'll let you lead the way No need to wait. baby, don't hesitate For what it's worth, I'm a do bustin' Keep puffin, and loving nothin' If I die I'm going be high Yo T is all of the sudden bluffin' Never figure, on the level selling records And J, Boogie Leather Ready to reckon it with whatever What I need is that dollar that could Capitalize my dollar, capitalize when ya hit it Make me wanna holler I do run, run my mouthpiece, with a vengeance So I repeatin' if you didn't, then Should hit your knees and do, whatever pleases you Long as your pleasing me, I'm all you need hooker, a decoy Watch Brat kill and destroy you The last one to work with So So Def and Bad Boy


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