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Lyrics by: Natalie Merchant
# Debut Chart
23 Jun '96 Hot 100


Oooh, jealousy Oooh, my jealousy

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Is she fine So well-bred The perfect girl A social deb Is she the sort You`ve always thought Could make, could make You what you`re not Oooh, jealousy Oooh, my jealousy Is she bright So well-read Are there novels by her bed And is she the sort That you`ve always said Could satisfy your head Ooh, jealousy La, la, la, ooh, jealousy Na, na, na, na Oooh, my jealousy Does she talk the way I do Is her voice reminding You of the promises The little white lies too Sometimes, tell me While she`s touching you Just by mistake Accidentally Do you say my name


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