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# Debut Chart
4 Sep '95 Country


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I used to do ya like this, do ya like that This way, thata way anyway but the right way Was OK, baby Oh, I guess you had to leave before I could see That you're the only one with everything I need But you won't even call me, you won't even talk to me Come on and talk to me Chorus Oh, baby, if I could be back in your arms again Tell you all the things I should have said back then I wanna let you know just how wrong I've been Oh how wrong I've been Oh, honey, you know if I could just hold you one more time Tell you all the things that I got on my mind How could this grown girl be so blind How could I be so blind You used to do me so good, do me so right Every time I need you in the middle of the night You'd be right there, baby Oh, I never thought I'd wake up and you'd be gone If you can find it in your heart to come back home Honey, if you'd let me I could make it up to you I'll make it up to you (Repeat Chorus) I was havin' me a good time Givin' you a bad line Every time ILorrie got home But now I'm goin insane I thought I had a good thing My good things good as gone (Repeat Chorus Twice)


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