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# Debut Chart
9 Nov '95 Country


I stood before God, my family and friends And vowed that I'd never love anyone else again Only him

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As pure as my gown of white I stood by his side And promised that I'd love him till the day I died Lord, please forgive me even though I lied 'Cause you're the only one who knows just how hard I tried Chorus: I had a ring on my finger and time on my hands The woman in me needed the warmth of a man The gold turned cold in my wedding band It's just a ring on your finger When there's time on your hands When I add up all the countless nights I cried myself to sleep And all the broken promises you somehow failed to keep He can't blame me He's the one who left me too many times alone In a three bedroom prison I tried to make a home My love slowly died but the fire inside still burned And the arms of a stranger was the only place left to turn Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus


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