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1995 - R&B
Lyrics by: Rod Temperton
# Debut Chart
98 Dec '95 Hot 100


Tamia You Put A Move On My Heart [SPOKEN] Baby I just want you to understand Just exactly how you make me feel Oooh yeah I wanna feel you next to me Ooooh... time after time, when I'm feelin' low Somethin' inside of me let's me know that it's alright Loves on my side When the world... seems a lonely place I've got a dream that won't leave a trace of blues I just think of you baby I know

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[CHORUS] I've got a real thing here by my side Someone who needs me holding me tight And these special feelings won't ever fade 'Cause I knew from the start you put a move on my heart Baby our loves like a melody playing for us In the sweetest key you could find the music of life And when we touch there's the warmest glow Heat in the passion that heaven knows it's a dream Just for you, you and me... and baby I know [repeat CHORUS] I've got a real thing the love of my life Someone who needs me and he feels me with pride Baby now, now and forever, we'll never part 'Cause you're the world to me you put a move on my heart I got a real love yes I do, and you're someone baby You're someone baby, someone that needs true love And these, these special feelings, time can embrace Baby, believe me this ain't a dream and sugar I knew, I knew from the start, you put a move on me Oooh you got through to my heart You got through to my heart babe oooh Baby can't you see, you and I were meant to be Hold me, love me passionately blind, love me 'til the end of time Hold me, love me ( and don't love go) Baby can't you see, you and I were meant to be (I want you to touch me babe) passionately blind Love me 'til the end of time, hold me love me oooh (Repeat 'til end of song) I want you right here, right now, laying by my side sugar thrill me tonight I wanna feel you in my arms ohh babe ohhh and u know I love when your lovin' me [SPOKEN] Mm come closer I wanna feel your body pressed against mine Mm that's right Ooh


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