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Lyrics by: Edwin McCain
# Debut Chart
25 Sep '95 Mainstream Rock
72 Oct '95 Hot 100


Tim, he was a good friend Yeah, was a brother of mine We were imaginary Comic book superheroes Kids wasting time

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We were prisoners of our youth We were growing up strong Til the day he was taken away For something he did wrong (CHORUS) He said thank you mom for Fixing my clouded broken mind But excuse me if I seem a little rude While I was missing my childhood My brother and my prime You enjoyed the convenience Of my solitude Tim came round just the other day And boy, he had some stories to tell His mama kept him locked up in a rehab Although the doctors said he was well He said, yeah I been through the anger And the hatred towards my mom And I put all that behind me Just tell me what was it like To go to your prom (CHORUS) Well, growing up these days Just ain`t easy and the kids They`re doing the best that they can So, mama, you better think twice Before you lock your kid up And throw away the key Cause soon your little boy Is gonna be a man (CHORUS) Tim left town yesterday He left me with these words He said, yeah, I know This life`s got a lot to give But my childhood is gone And I`m not afraid of dying I`m gonna grab the world By the horns and learn how to live (CHORUS)


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