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by Dove Shack
# Debut Chart
37 Aug '95 R&B
54 Aug '95 Hot 100


LBC [Intro:] [C Knight] Yeah, This is C Knight fom the Dove Shack Gettin those here out kickin it at King`s Park wit all the homies Heh, and you know what I`m sayin So why don`t you uh check out my homie Bo to the Roc [Verse One:] [Bo Roc] I ride wit the I slide wit the Loccs and doggs from the LBC All of the hoes wanna kick it wit me Cuz I run wit Warren G Braid your weaves bustaz and G`s Water balloon fighters Low riders, and east siders (east siders) All come around (come around) To hear the Dove Shack G Funk sound All come around (come around) To kick it in my town Yeah

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[Chorus:] Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh Summertime in The LBC Oohhhhh ahhhhh Summertime in The LBC [Verse Two:] [Arnita Porter] Now me and my girls are deep In a `94 Wrangler jeep Flow so long thru Long Beach Daisy Dukes gets props Hair and nails fresh from the shop And we`re at the bombest spot Called the shackkk [Verse Three:] [2 Scoop] Three months of pleasure How can I measure The relaxation All the fun I`m facin My homies got green That`s them For show `do Hit the sto` `do So I can get a 40 My lil` cousin rushin to the park too much Standin in line tah get a free lunch Why do we do what we do when we do what we do Hangin out late wit no curfew [Chorus] [Verse Four:] [C Knight] Damn, it`s hot than a mutha I`m smuthareen ribs wit barbacue sauce Fools get tossed if they reach across my barbacue grill So continue tah chill At King`s park in the LBC That`s where ya`ll find me Hangin wit my homies and my friends We got the coke in hand We got Da Five Footaz and the Twinz We got Warren G and the D-O-G All come around Tah hear the Dove Shack G Funk sound [Chorus]


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