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Lyrics by: Tom Petty
# Debut Chart
52 Jun '95 Hot 100


Well I chased her down the alley And over the hill to steal her will She was as hot as Georgia asphalt When the `A` crowd came to adore her brain

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(Chorus) So leave Virginia alone Leave Virginia alone She`s not like you and me She`s not like you and me You should`ve seen her back in the city Poetry and jewels, broke all the rules She was as high as a Georgia pine tree Makeup and pills, overdue bills (Chorus) Some sunny day when the hands of time Have had their way You`ll understand why it was so hard to run away She`s a loser she`s a forgiver But she still finds good where no one could You ought to want her more than money Cadillacs and rust diamonds and dust (chorus) 2x


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