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33 Feb '95 R&B
41 Feb '95 Hot 100


For the love of money [CHORUS] Gotta make that money, man That money, man It's still the same, now [repeat CHORUS 3x] Gotta get on the grind Pop in the clip of my nine And, bitch, if you slip You hit the chalk and Fall in the night time Gotta get mine Ain't taking no shorts or no losses Hop on the phone, calling my nigga Sitting at home, polishing The MAC-1O chrome Gotta a lick we can hit So bring your shit Cause once again, it's on To the dome with a fifth of bourb My wig to the curb so we swerve and Rolled out to pick up the Triple Six Thug And follow the murder For robbing the dopehouse Smoke, jump outta me bong So high, now coming to slay With four grenades and a gauge I'm a play, watch all 'em fall In the grave and lay Pulling in the driveway Wish spotted the place And quickly rolled up Bulldozed through the living room Hopped out of the car And started to blow up Buck, Buck, and a kaboom Me blew all them bodies All over the room, them doomed

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And gotta move fast, why The po-po's coming Snatch up me yummy So, nigga, don't think it's funny I'm coming up quick in the nine quat Cause Flesh be loving his money I'm giving up love to the hustlas All them St. Clair thugstas Making that money, staying on your feet And you better believe gotta have That cheese for the green leaves Never catch me sleep Stay on the grind, get mine Staying down for my crime And I hit up the nine nine Giving up that llello, making me sale Twenties, nickels and dimes Beat up and stick up a lick up That two-eleven, gotta get What's mine, then bailing Me kicking up dust, I'm trailing Feeling one-eight-seven That's how it is and I gotsta Have it in the nine-quat Mission, to check a mill And still be real Thugging on the glock-glock Creeping on a come up Won't sleep 'til I'm done up Gotta blaze me blunt up Hunt up another plot and scheme Gotta make some green Cause soldiers nut up, what up Gotta get that business on Even though the buddah run me Stun me, feeling lovely but I'm Just in it for the love of the money [repeat CHORUS 4x] Standing on the corner Straight slanging rocks, aw shit Here comes the motherfucking cops So I dash, I duck And I hides behind a tree Making sure the Motherfuckers don't see me Now my fat sack of rocks Hell, yeah, I stuffed 'em Police on my drawers I had to pause, and, yeah It's still motherfuck 'em Now my game is tight Tight as fuck is my game Eazy motherfucking E or Eric, Wright it's all the same Now, niggas might trip On how I stacks my grip I got to have it, bitch For the love of this shit Mothefucker [repeat CHORUS 3x] When dough got me thugsta, thuggish ways Down for my crime every time Follow me down the nine nine And you will find all of me kind Check out the Ripsta, now Drop down, run 'em up outta me hood Rip's straight when I'm making me grip With a me click, rolling with Ruthless, the thug I be Me put 'em in mud Buck 'em, and pump blood Got nothing to lose, bitch You better respect Rip or You best just check this slug It's going down Steady pump and peel rounds Gunning with a me gang, bang Gotta make that money, man It's still the same Steady running things wild And follow me now while I Take you up into a barrel of a gun, see For the dub, you're done For the bud, I run For the love of my money Nigga down for my Thang off in this thug game So peep as me creep and Me crawling off on the mission To back in the days when Niggas was bailing with sawed-offs And wanted to get paid Running to my side, lil nigga, Ripsta Both on the mission for money You give up the cash Oh, that was your ass Cause me and my nigga was hungry And, bitch, if you're stalling You might just catch one to the temple ANd Bone raw dogging, so nigga Just make this shit simple and run To catch one nigga, me fill 'em With bullets and dump 'em in rivers Remember, me killer now For money, me dig you Six feet in a ditch and get richer Cause, bitch, you were slipping I'll cut you, then rip you Then buck you down Steady robbing and Stealing, making a killing Nigga drug dealing, needing a million Hustling drugs when The thugs be chilling For the money, these niggas Be selling off in the cut Where you find a nigga Thugging off in braids and skullies And when I stick you and lick you Remember, I get 'em up For the love of money (For the love of money) Yeah, Bone in the motherfucking House for the nine-quats, nigga Yeah, rolling with Ruthless Records in this bitch My niggas, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone Wish Bone, and Flesh-n-Bon And I'm that nigga, Krayzie Bone In the motherfucking house (For the love of money)


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