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# Debut Chart
6 Feb '95 Adult Contemp
33 Feb '95 Hot 100


Every time I look Into your lovely eyes I see a love that Money just can't buy One look from you I drift away I pray that you Are here to stay

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[CHORUS] Anything you want You got it Anything you need You got it Anything at all You got it, baby Every time I hold you I begin to understand Everything about you Tells me you're my man I live (I live) My life (my life) To be (to be) With you (with you) No one (no one) Can do (can do) The things (the things) You do (you do) [repeat CHORUS] Anything you want Anything you need Anything at all, babe Yeah, baby I'm glad (I'm glad) To give (to give) My love (my love) To you (to you) I know (I know) You feel (you feel) The way I do [repeat CHORUS] Anything you want Anything you want, baby Anyhing you need Anything at all Anything at all, baby You got it


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