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21 Aug '95 Hot 100


Oh yeah, coming right back at cha, With a different type of swing You know, you better ask somebody Baby, this is for you, and you, and definitely you I'm the type of guy who takes time to just kick back I turn around my baseball cap I have a 40 sitting on my lap Slamming the ivories until I sees A female worth my while I'm scoping it, checking a smile And I know that I can get it And I'll hit it if she's with it I get the 5 to the 6-7 digits Call her up on my cellular And all the shit that I'll say to her The fun will begin when I hit the skizins So if a girlie is lonesome I think that she knows where to go when she wants some Cuz Monty ain't here for nothing but I gotta let all

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Somethin' 4 da honeyz, somethin' 4 da honeyz Somethin' 4 da honeyz, somethin' 4 da honeyz Summertime, no funner time for me to kick in with you To find some things I wanna get into I call up my crew I tell them bring a brew And some Hennessey for the beach party So call up your girlfriends And you know there always tends to be an ugly one But bring her, too Fat or skinny she likes to shoop With Montell and the Sl Coupe While the beat is bumpin' from South Central to Compton A little somethin' somethin' Could very well be the next Aaron Neville Sounding like nobody cuz I'm on another level And ya fellas can't take it with a shovel But it ain't for you This is somethin' for the honeyz When you're rolling Summertime, oh so fine It feels all right Summertime tonight, something for you honey The M-O the N-T the E double L L And yes I'm guaranteeing that I won't be felon Some people call me Monty, some call me Monty swinger Sometimes I bust around but I'm an R&B singer And I'm a go on and flow on And you tell two friends and she'll tell two And so on and so on Another number 1 hit so get your roll on Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


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