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39 Mar '95 Hot 100


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Lady Ragtop records, may I help you? Fly Can I speak to Fo? Lady I moment please, he's around. 4-Tay Yo, wassup? Fly Wassup, Fo? I know you finished that cut for the radio. 4-Tay As a matter of fact Fly I just finished it baby boy, don't worry About nothin', I'll be around. Regardless if I'm chillin' backstage or on tour With my homie Young Fly even Al B. Sure Never hesitate to call me whenever I'm done 'Cause homie I'm real and I'm always true to my loved ones Too many wakes and funerals full of tears You say there's something on your mind well here I'm all ears 'Cause nobody thinking about the funk that you're choosin' it A lot of my homies stuck in the pen for life for losin' it Call up your folks you keep thinkin' about home Recorder keeps a peep and there's a block on the phone And all of this is enough to make a brothers nerves bad Reminds me of a sitution that I once had Spent that spent this endless relentless tremendous women on my jock And don't nobody mindin business He say she say throwin' salt about it And chooses to talk about you 'cause there's no one else to talk about Talk about the show and the flow and all the clout Then be real with yourself and talk about and turned it out It's not hard to compete when his name is poppin' A scared man can never win that's why I stay clockin' Fools be huffin and puffin don't wanna see me about nothin' I'm down And if you ever need me Fly I'll be around Whenever you call me I'll be there Whenever you want me I'll be there Whenever you need me I'll be there I'll be around 'Cause I'll be around you know I love you boy Life ain't based on peaches and cream This new generation lost a whole lot of dreams Future doctors, producers and mothers The list goes on but now we killin' our brothers And if we killin' our brothers that means we're killin' our own kind These kids is watchin now it goes to their mind Rat tat a tat 'cause you got a gat Then they want a gat you livin' like that? Moms ain't cookin' she worked the week straight If anything she's the one that deserves a hot plate The ghetto the ghetto ain't nothin' to dream about Tryin' to get out now that's somethin to think about Fools might disagree but I'm a stay sucka free Now I'm so black so strong they can't fade me Blacks are blacks worst enemy there's still no remedy You got me for a grip do you call yourself kin of me? Jealousy envy I see it in your eyes Tell me what's wrong with seeing a black man rise I keep it funky it's pretty hard to miss it now is it explicit A message for the mind and the moral of statistics So I'm doin' what we call a roll call Talkin' about the ones who won't rap then take a downfall I spit the street life and then I go underground You silly it's called versatility and I'll be around Talking Yeah all you bustas yeah I was down but I'll be around Things are gettin' crucial you gotta exercise your mind Or learn about life before you're left behind But how you gonna get it right when you're not doin' right When you get mad all you want is a gunfight This tension causes a gang of madness Now you want funk that results to sadness Sadness results to a lot of revenge And you're so called friends really ain't you're friends So how do you know who you're able to trust If you think about the past look what happened to us I never trust no one I only trust myself Or I wouldve been a victim like everyone else In friendship or hardship whenever you need me Just give me a call G I won't deceive thee These fools be shakin' best believe they're fakin' Just tryin' to get a grip of all the money you're makin' This ain't race a mind is a terrible thing to waste I drop the rap and J drops the bass To the flow 'cause ain't nobody get with Fo I'm a down young brother comin' straight outta Frisco Droppin' a message out of love to your town Love your brothers and sisters and I'll be around


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