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by Jodeci
Lyrics by: DeVante Swing
# Debut Chart
14 Jun '95 Hot 100


I wanna freek you Every time I close my eyes, I wake up feelin so horny I cant get you outta my mind, sexin you be all I see I would give anything, just to make you understand me I dont give a damn about nothin else freekn you is all I need 1-Tonight I need your body, tonight you got my time Tonight you wont be sorry, tonight you have my mind You got my mind all I wanna do is freek you What must I say, what must I do To show how much, I think about freekn you Baby

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I could go on for days, but I couldnt go on for weeks I can even play with another body but it wouldnt last cause I m a freak I am everything you see to go by everything you do and at night when I close my eyes I only dream of freekn you Whatever you want baby it will be fine so fine Freek out, and freek me up and down, DeVante swing Freek out, and freek me up and down Freek out, and freek me up and down..


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