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3 Dec '94 Country


Bottle of Scotch whiskey Not very smooth Like snake bite cure From the medicine man Not bad poison if there's Something to soothe It's a whole other world In the palm of your hand Out of this world And out of your mind Just like it don't matter What you're leaving behind Trying to change your life And change your point of view But no matter what you do It's the same old you [CHORUS] Wherever you go There you are You can run from yourself But you won't get far You can dive to the bottom Of your medicine jar But wherever you go There you are Bottle of Scotch whiskey Whatever you find When you're out on the wire It's a matter of time Changing every moment When you're taking the fall There's everything to gain When you're losing it all

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Feel your head spinning With your feet off the ground You climb the wrong ladder And it's keeping you down Think you're getting higher But you're still laying low And you don't wanna be Anyone you know [repeat CHORUS] Once you've been bitten It's like crossing a line It's a part of the plan And all that's on your mind Think that it'll help you Find somebody to be But the man in the mirror Is all you'll see [repeat CHORUS] I said wherever you go There you are


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