Music Service


by Traffic
# Debut Chart
10 May '94 Mainstream Rock


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I`ve heard it said people`s souls chase the night Hoping for times that went before when their hearts were flying No, don`t you be blue when you hear the wild birds call Oh, hold on, love, `cause I`ll never let you fall Here comes a man who`ll give you all the love he can Far from the rain where you`ll never feel the pain Don`t cry, we`ll come alive, oh, if you`ll wait for me Out of my head a vision flows bathed in light Borne by the tide along the shore where the wind is sighing No, don`t you be blue when you hear the music play Just hold on, love, `cause we`re gonna sail away I`ve been coming to set you free `cause your love belongs to me Yes, I`m going to make you mine `till the end of time Hoping to get through and that the hailstones don`t fall So hold on, love, like you never did before


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