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37 Oct '94 R&B
80 Oct '94 Hot 100


[Jazzy Joyce] Ah yea Whole world Mc`s Whose slick [Butterfly and Doodlebug] We lounge stay phat notice our G limp A natural flair with our fresh ass hair Style baggy out clouts slick Creamy and fresh east coast to west

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[Jazzy Joyce] Brooklyn Uptown To the universal fair Old school Mc`s (being scratched in the background) (Make your money) [Butterfly] I`m slicker this year I`m slicker this year Myrtle Ave A train got the pic in my hair And what 16 joints later still lounge Fresh, from flatbush in my baggy booster gets Style is tight ees bust the camy? fatigues 50,000 leagues of black So what`s up Can we avenue slide playerstyle ghetto walk To the east and wild Crooklyn, New York Creamy kid yo smith and wesson win a blessing The angular slang blow spots..bang..eleven Hangin` like bats.cos..the 12 inch wax. Say scorpio And my hair say `fro And my blood say bro My clics say `eh, yo!` Make sparks from the barrel me tal pistol To the depths I dive seems lunar like aqua The cool blast mega we black we wild flowers(?) Scott La Rock had emm all , I gots the the ball And roll a little panthers(?) through these project halls The 3-color flag can`t hold my baggys sag 7 1 8 2 omega Black motion is ocean style Slick in my ways since days of the classic Now glamour boys want to be triple phatted But I`m slicker this year I`m slicker this year, yea [Butterfly and Doodlebug] East born Beast candles on? Lovely all over the city And your tape deck blasting 7 Rs and the phat fly sneakers And the camouflage (being scratched in the background) (Make your money) [Jazzy Joyce] To the hip hop nation To the mixtape crew To the west coast To the boogie down bronx [Doodlebug] I was raised in the ways of the man chu clan And 5 elements posture take a B-boy stance With the gold front shinin` the baggy pants saggin` This Brooklyn stylin` got the fly girls smilin` But I`m climbin` findin` new ways of rhymin` Not livin` like a star is strickly about survivin` Divin`, deep into the groove of the ghetto This downtown flavor shines from many angles Yes the notorious, with rhymes so glorious The man chu monkey over flunkeys is victorious Rap is be boring us with rhymes of conventional Days in amazed when they hear the 3 demensional Lyrical skills of the insect emotion Coasting down fulton with a bag of magic potion Now I`m rolling with the seven and the crescent Puffin` some expression Manifestin` today`s lesson Stressin the fact that I`m solar guarenteed to go far Cause the mind is intestellar Still pieced like that so have no fear But I`m slicker this year I`m slicker this year [Jazzy Joyce] To the queens everywhere To the oh s I To the lumpen mass Don`t forget about your peeps when ya... [Ladybug] Now you see that I am 68 inches above sea level 93 million miles above these devils Play me in the winter Play me in the summer Play me in the autumn Any order You want `em I got `em drippin` like water Catch me at a hot spot with the dust (desk) daughters We bouncing...moving within the truth circles We played you made you change...strictly ought to We stratify our wealth from my looty in the bank There`s love amongst the ranks Now I`m a bout to meet my homegirl Cause we be alike Ate alike, see alike, let`s g alike Jazzy Joyce [Jazzy Joyce] On the wheels [Ladybug] Jazzy Joyce [Jazzy Joyce] No one`s smoother [Ladybug] Jazzy Joyce [Jazzy Joyce] Phatter than a `94 land cruiser [Ladybug] Where you from? [Jazzy Joyce] The Bronx representin` like whatever, fly [Ladybug] Cool are you slicker this year? [Jazzy Joyce] Yea, watch (hit it...)


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