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73 Feb '94 Hot 100


You say that`s your boyfriend You say I`m out of line Funny, he said I could call him up anytime You say that I am wrong You say that I ain`t right But if that`s your boyfriend He wasn`t last night I`m the type of woman who`ll do almost anything To get what I want I might play any little game Call me what you like But you know it`s true You`re just jealous cause he wasn`t with you Don`t mean no harm I just like what I see and it ain`t my fault if he Wants me Got what I wanted and the feeling was right If that`s your boyfriend he wasn`t last night.

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(Chorus) Boyfriend, boyfriend Yes I had your boyfriend If that`s your boyfriend If that`s your boyfriend If that`s your boyfriend He wasn`t last night. Now late at night me calls me on my phone That`s why when you call all you get is a busy, busy tone You`re upset cause you`re a stuck up bitch Maybe he needed a change A switch Who am I not to oblige? Especially if the man is fly So call me what you like Go ahead and call me what you like While I boot slam your boyfriend tonight. Ooh baby baby good to the last drop in the bottom of the bag and Ooh baby baby Make you wanna do things that you never have Ooh baby baby Mad sex And when we`re through I really have no problem acting like I don`t know you . . . You can say I`m wrong You think that`s kind of creepy I cant be trusted Kinda sneaky But no, get your story right He knocked on my door So what should I say no for? Chorus (Chorus)


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