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# Debut Chart
3 Mar '94 R&B
7 Apr '94 Hot 100
4 Apr '94 Adult Contemp


If you could give me One good reason Why I should believe you Believe in all the Things that you tell I would sure like to believe you My heart wants to receive you Just make me know that You are sincere You know I'd love For you to lead me and Follow through completely So won't you give me All I ask for And if you give your very best To bring me happiness I'll show you just How much I adore you (CHORUS) Cause you mean the world to me You are my everything I swear the only thing that Matters, matters to me Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby Baby, cause you mean so much to me

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Now it's gonna take some working But I believe you're worth it Long as your intentions Are good, so good There is just one way to show it And, boy, I hope you know it That no one could Love you like I could Lord knows I want to trust you And oh, baby, how I love you I'm not sure if love is enough And I will not be forsaken And I hope there's no mistaking So tell me that you'll Always be true (CHORUS) 2X There's a feeling in my heart That I know I cant escape So please don't let me fall Don't let it be too late There's a time When words are good And they just get in the way So show me how you feel Baby, I'm for real Oh, baby, baby Baby, baby, baby (CHORUS) 2X You mean the world to me You are my everything to me The only that really, really Really matters to me Oh, baby, baby, baby......


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