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# Debut Chart
4 Aug '94 R&B
36 Sep '94 Hot 100
25 Sep '94 Adult Contemp


What have you done to me I can't eat, I cannot sleep And I'm not the same anymore No, no I don't know what to do Cause all of me wants all of you, Do I stand alone at the shore Now once I could turn away From everything I feel today, But now I wanna walk Through your door

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[CHORUS] But I've got to know Oh, body and soul That you've got no doubt Inside and out We are whole Oh, body and soul Don't leave me out in the cold Just love me body and soul (Body and soul) Do you hear me, baby I've wasted too much time Living for what wasn't mine And then came the Day I found you And now I want nothing less I've found a love That is truly blessed and I wanna make dreams come true [repeat CHORUS] Every day is getting better The more I trust I feel stronger and stronger Every kiss brings me closer It feels good to love you inside Is there any doubt In your mind, oh, babe Love me, baby, body and soul Don't leave me out in this cold Just love me, hey Love me with your body, baby Ohh, tell me baby Tell me, darling Just love me Just love me, love me Hey, hey, body and soul


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