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Lyrics by: Ronnie Dunn
# Debut Chart
4 Feb '93 Country


I'm a hard workin' man I wear a steel hard hat I can ride, rope, hammer and paint Do things with my hands That most men can't I can't get ahead No matter how hard I try I'm getting really good At barely gettin' by Got everything I own By the sweat of my brow From my four-wheel drive To my cowboy boots I owe it all to my blue collar roots I feel like I'm working Overtime on a runaway train I've got to bust loose From this ball and chain [CHORUS] I'm a hard, hard workin' man I got it all on the line For a peace of the promised land And I'm burning my candle at both ends 'Bout the only way to keep the fire going Is to outrun the wind Come Friday night I like to party hard I carry on with the Cadillac cuties Spend my whole week's pay On some weekend beauty

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Come Monday morning I'm the first to arrive I ain't nothing but business, y'all From nine till five [repeat CHORUS] I can't wait to Get up in the morning And do it all over again Well I'm a hard living Hard workin' man


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