Music Service


by Squeeze
# Debut Chart
9 Sep '93 Modern Rock


There are planes coming in And there's planes going out One piece of luggage Goes around and round A lady cleans the floors A night guard checks his watch There's two lonely faces And one of them's the clock What crumbs of joy can I steal from this day She didn't have the time to call me and say If the things I'd heard were valid and true I've got everything in the world but you Everything in the world but you

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I drive against traffic People race in to work I've got this expression That I know I deserve The key slides in the lock Who's been here in my bed Who's been drinking coffee What's this paper and pen My nerves are ripped to shreds The phone rings on the floor But I can't pick it up I can't take any more There are planes flying in And there are planes flying out I look up to the sky And I'm left in no doubt


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