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# Debut Chart
3 Jul '93 Country
76 Jul '93 Hot 100


She was all that I ever Could have wanted her to be She always knew just how To give the best of love to me I thought I knew a thing or two About the ways of love But it was soon to become so clear I didn't know enough One day, I found a note Beside the ring she'd left behind It said, here is all you need to know For better love next time [CHORUS] Say you love her strong and true Let her know all she means to you Show her she's that special one who Shines in your life like the rising sun Give her love, lots of room to grow Treat her tender and you will know The secret to the treasures of Heaven In the heart of a woman A bridge was burned And a lesson learned I never will forget And for her timeless wisdom I'm forever in her debt

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Last night I heard a good friend say He'd finally found the one I told him to be sure these Precious things weren't left undone [repeat CHORUS] In the heart of a woman [repeat CHORUS 2x] In the heart of a woman In the heart of a woman In the heart of a woman


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