Music Service


by Levert
# Debut Chart
5 May '93 R&B
46 Jun '93 Hot 100


See, there comes a time in every  Man`s life when he`s got to fall in love,  And he`s got to find the right woman,  And I think I found it in you    Woke up this morning to breakfast in bed  The coffee was hot  Them eggs I got was right, so right    Girl I gotta tell you, you`re just too good for me  Oh, the things that you do makes it easy lovin you,  Even a blind man can see.    Every night I get own on my knees  And give thanks for you  And the things that you do,  Cause only a fool would let go of you.    Chorus  Lovin you is so easy for me to do  It`s like ABC-123  I`m lovin you, girl  Just keep lovin me    Drivin in my car I see somethin That will look good on you  Said I can`t ignore it  But Hell, I can`t afford it  What`s a simple man like me to do    If you should ever leave me  I`d go out of my mind  Cause I want you, and I need you  I don`t want to be wastin my time    Every night, I get down on my knees,  And give thanks for you,  The things that you do,  Cause only a fool would let go of you    Chorus 

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From the bottom of my heart... Its like ABC, simple as 123... Said I feel some love comin on  Said I can feel it  Way down deep in my bones    I want to shout it out loud  From the mountin tops  Said I got to let you know  That I`m never gonna let you go Together, Together, oh, baby... Want to give you my love Want to give you my time Then I want to keep comin`... I want to make you mine Yeah, yeah, baby girl Baby girl... Don`t want to stop lovin you That`s all I ever want to do I love you I give you all my lovin` baby It`s so easy for me... I`m lovin you So just keep lovin me


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