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# Debut Chart
5 Oct '92 Adult Contemp
71 Jan '93 Hot 100


All through my wandering years I always said I was biding my time All alone in the dark I'd face my fears That no other heart would come to mine

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Mmm, at first when you found me It took me a while til I realized Why I felt weak when you were around Why I couldn't speak When I looked in your eyes (CHORUS) All this time, I've been searching Until you, I was lost in my dreams And I never knew that love could Feel like Heaven watching over me Oh, wherever you go Invisible hands reach over the miles For every wish you make to the stars There's one silent kiss I send to the sky (CHORUS) Everything's changed Since you came my way (Since you came my way) You put the color In a world of gray And you make the love That carries me away (CHORUS) You know that it feels Like Heaven watching over me Watching over me Feels like Heaven


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