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Lyrics by: Babyface
# Debut Chart
6 Aug '93 R&B
38 Aug '93 Hot 100


You ask me why I say why That anything is possible Anything can be Therefore for tonight I'll get you hot You feel the passion You never dreamed And I know you feel I'm overconfident What kind of man could I be It's clear to see It's like animal attraction When you add it up, it's just A matter of fractions, girl [CHORUS] There's something in Your eyes that told me That you were looking for A man that you could adore There's something in your eyes That give me a sign And I knew it was on I knew it was on You think you were right I say you're wet I can make it possible I can make it true And all night long I'll make you sweat Gonna do a feeling A little past overdue

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And I knew you think Why so much confidence What kind of man must I be It's clear to see it's Like adding and subtracting When you add it up It's just animal attraction [repeat CHORUS 2x] So when I get excited And make you wet I'll lick you dry We make your body weak From all the body heat Then like a lion You hit me running Then when I feed it to your body Make that body eight weeks ago I'll take you to the peak I'll make you want to scream And like a lion you'll Hear my body roaring, roaring Roaring, roaring, roar (CHORUS) w/ad libs 'til end


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