Music Service


by Hi-Five
Lyrics by: Eric Foster White
# Debut Chart
30 Oct '93 Hot 100


Girl when I first met you, I didn't realize, You were lookin' to stay around, But I was lookin' to play around. Now I can't forget you, Can't forget your pretty smile, Took for granted the love you gave then, Only thought of the love we made. Just when I found someone who could love me, Like the way that I need, I acted the fool, and pushed her away from me. [CHORUS] I'll be thinkin' 'bout ya every night, and every day Cuz in my heart I know, That I never should've let you go. And my love for you is stronger than I ever knew But I couldn't tell you so, that I never should've let you go.

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Do you think about me, Like I wasn't worth your time? I would give anything I have If you'd give me another chance. Do you think your better off without me? Where'd you get with your heart in mine? I don't blame you for leavin' me, but now you gotta believe me, If you come back, girl I promise, That you'll see a change in my ways I'll get down on my knee, I'll do anything you say. [repeat CHORUS] Is there someone else standin' where I stood, Givin' you the love you never got from me? Girl, I would give you the world, If I only could. Girl you will see. Won't you come back to me? Won't you come back to me? [repeat CHORUS]


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